CSTC Committees

Audit and Finance Committee: The Audit Committee's responsibility shall be to review the books and records of the Society within a period of time ending no later than April 30 of the current calendar year. The committee may, as deemed necessary, review the books and records throughout the year. They may also request that the Board contract with an outside audit of the Society Financial Statements in lieu of or in addition to their review. This request must be submitted in writing. A report shall be submitted to the Board of Directors at their second regular meeting. 

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Society Treasurer and four (4) additional members, one of whom shall be a Society vice president. The President shall appoint a member at the first Board of Directors meeting of the year. The Committee shall oversee the financial affairs of the Society under the direction of the Board of Directors. 

The Committee shall meet prior to the last Board of Directors meeting for the current year to prepare the budget for the ensuing year. The proposed budget shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval at the last Board of Directors meeting of the current year. The approved budget shall be submitted to the incoming Board of Directors for review at the first meeting of the next calendar year. The incomingBoard may change the budget as necessary. Approval of a final budget will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board.

Bylaws / Policy and Procedures Committee: The Committee's responsibility shall be to review the Society Bylaws and recommendations for change from the membership. Changes shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for recommendation to the membership. Recommended changes shall be submitted to the membership as part of the annual ballot

Chapter Assistance and Development Committee: The purpose of the Committee is to assist any chapter that is having a problem and/or that is deficient in its obligations under the Bylaws and or Policies and Procedures of the Society.

The Committee will also be responsible for the coordination of all activities in organizing or reorganizing Society Chapters.

If a chapter is referred to the Chapter Assistance and Development Committee for corrective action, the Committee will take the following steps:

1) Have a committee member or designated representative attend the next chapter meeting and to discuss with the chapter all deficiencies needing corrections.
2) Obtain a list of actions or proposed actions to correct the deficiencies cited.
3) Submit a report to the Board of Directors regarding their finds.

Education Committee: The objectives of the Education Committee are to develop and distribute educational material to the membership, coordinate existing educational functions and establish new educational programs within CSTC. The Committee will monitor all society and chapter educational events to see that continuing education requirements are met and to assist in scheduling educational events so that duplications of topics/locations/timing don’t occur.

Ethics and Grievances Committee: The Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members and shall:

1) Receive from the President and consider all complaints against a member. The Committee, by majority vote, will determine if there is sufficient cause to proceed within 30 days of receiving the complaint from the president or, if not, dismiss the complaint and notify the president of their decision, an extension of time maybe requested by the committee.”
2) Postpone action on complaints when the accused is a defendant in a lawsuit until the suit is legally terminated.
3) Recommend pertinent changes to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct to the Board of Directors.

Government Affairs Committee: The committee shall facilitate the dissemination of information regarding proposed legislation in the interest of the tax professional and general public. This will be accomplished by listing the contacts available to our members for input.

Membership Committee: The Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members. The Committee shall promote the professional status of the tax preparation and tax consulting profession. They shall encourage others to seek a career in the tax profession and to join the Society. They are responsible for membership booths at all Society sponsored educational functions.

The Committee shall also be responsible for the development process in the formation of new chapters.  

Marketing/Public Relations/Professional Image. The Committee shall consist of two (2)or more members and shall promote a positive public awareness of CSTC in the tax consulting profession and the community.

Policy Governance Committee: The committee shall consult and advise the Board of Directors regarding Society goals and objectives to insure Board continuity with the Society strategic plan, mission statement, policies and procedures, and continuing Board resolutions.